Technohull Alpha 50

Introducing TECHNOHULL’s new design philosophy, Alpha 50 showcases a fresh and modern perspective on comfort, style, and luxury, while setting the benchmark in all areas of high-end performance. Boasting a magnetic personality, stylish looks, strikingly generous areas, and a high-performance profile, Alpha 50 invites you to explore a new way of experiencing life on board, and rediscover the pleasure of spending a day at sea. Alpha 50 introduces a new design concept, where almost everything is different to anything that TECHNOHULL has presented before, but manages to feel absolutely in line with the brand’s DNA and distinctive design roots. With a clear focus on the ample exterior space and the generous lounging areas, Alpha 50 ‘s design appears aerodynamic, and sleek, with streamlined surfaces, while cutting edge aesthetics add up to an unprecedented look and feel. Thanks to TECHNOHULL’s Dynastream patented hull design, that is based on state-of-the-art naval architecture practices, Alpha 50 is a sheer performer that delivers beyond expectations, offering high speeds, exceptional seakeeping, unbeatable comfort, and maximum efficiency. While speed potential on higher engine setups will be in the range of 100 mph, engine options vary from two to five outboard units, while inboard options include twin inboard diesels. Alpha 50 ‘s sophisticated hull design boasts supreme capabilities, that altogether come to confirm the brand’s high-performance pedigree. Featuring a semi straight, wave piercing bow hull design with two ventilated steps, optimized for outstanding performance, given the vessel’s remarkably wide and spacious deck, Alpha 50 introduces a new era in high end performance.


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