SUPERYACHT TV is a luxury TV channel dedicated to superyachts & and to life onboard. We feature all of the stories behind the yachts through seven categories of programming: the yachts for sale and charter or of special interest, places to go, life onboard, events, tenders & toys, as well as the owners, designers and builders of these spectacular vessels. Produced in Monaco and distributed by MonacoSat, Monaco Telecom, Yahlive and online, SUPERYACHT TV is a live and free-to-view channel, reaching a global audience.

How to access SUPERYACHT TV ?

Entering from any device to https://www.superyacht.tv

How much does SUPERYACHT TV service cost ?

Access to SUPERYACHT TV service is completely free.

In which countries is SUPERYACHT TV available via satellite ?

You can access SUPERYACHT TV from any part of the world. Please, check local satellite listings for channel details. Some content might not be available in all countries.

How often are the channel and programs updated ?

SUPERYACHT TV is updated every day. New programs are commissioned, filmed, edited and broadcasted on a daily basis. At the same time, our Production Team sources high-quality content from across the globe ensuring we always feature the latest news, recent events and up-to-date stories. You can check out all our new programming on the main page.