1. Streaming service

Cultural and entertainment creations designed for information, hobby, games or user amusement, which are protected under the intellectual property law, copyright, image rights or other laws or rights, such as TV channels, videos, images, music, information, etc. These streaming services will be provided by the streaming service provider offered to the user by SSI-Monaco, they will be administered and integrated through the platforms defined by SSI-Monaco. From this streaming service will be generated a set records of texts, audios, videos, images, etc. The streaming service permits the user to watch TV channels and videos on demand, etc, from the internet access navigation.


Consists of the TV channel service and videos on demand. Users obtain free access to a catalogue of TV channel transmissions, without interruption, of different categories. The content may be broadcasted through such media as deemed appropriate by the service provider, including but not limited to Web, WAP, SMS, Internet, Press etc. Likewise, the user authorizes the service provider to send incoming messages related to the SUPERYACHT TV service, as well as accepts to receive incoming messages pertaining to the SUPERYACHT TV service interaction at any date or time. Access to the SUPERYACHT TV service may be through data and or WIFI connection.

3. Platform(s)

The technology platform provides the streaming service administration and integration and/or access and use for the user(s).

4. Service providers

Physical or legal person, license or with sub-licensing rights, who has full intellectual property and exploitation rights regarding the streaming services. These may be administrators, who aggregate and integrate content on the platform, or through a third-party as appropriate, with the consideration of SSI-Monaco.

5. Third party services

Services that will be managed and administrated by a third-party, with their own technology platform and/or SSI-Monaco platform.

6. User or users

Physical person who uses the service free of charge.

7. Products Platform(s)

These are licenses to use content from a third-party (channels with streaming videos) which can be accessed through mobile devices via text message.

8. VOD or Video on Demand

Content availability such as video, in a direct and specific way, without using a program schedule and/or specific transmission time.

9. Service provider




1. SSI-Monaco conditions policy aims to make the user aware of policies and procedures that rule the use of the streaming service.

2. The use of the streaming service will be established through the full agreement of the user on all and each device including the conditions published by the provider on the website www.superyacht.tv

3. SSI-Monaco reserves the right to vary these conditions at any time and without notice or notification, which will not impute the responsibility of SSI-Monaco. These modifications will be effective as soon as they are available to the public via the website www.superyacht.tv . The use of streaming services by the user will be formed by approval and agreement of the condition changes. Likewise, SSI-Monaco reserves the ability to make changes, at any time, to its digitally published information.

4. Streaming service will be provided by SSI-Monaco.

General terms for streaming service

1. Content services on mobile include access to various contents, by mentioning them including but nor limited way, of information and entertainment in a informative environment, the channel and video on demand content destined for user entertainment.

2. To discharge streaming service from mobile phone, user must accept the conditions.

3. User declares, guarantees and agrees on the fact that none of the materials sent through mobile phone or published, transmitted or shared through streaming service will infringe the rights of third-party, including copyright, branding, privacy, advertising or other personal rights or intellectual property: and that they will not include degrading, defamatory or illegal content. When SSI-Monaco receives a formal notice for presumed copyright infraction, SSI-Monaco will withdraw or disable immediately the access to the presumed offender material and will close accounts from any offender, in accordance with the provisions of the present document and with the Federal Copyright Office.

4. User cannot use the content service illegitimately or in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair SSI-Monaco. In case of violation of the present disposal, user must assume liability for damages caused.

5. SSI-Monaco is not liable whether in contract, civil (including negligence), mercantil, criminal, fiscal or employment, for direct or indirect damages, loss of revenues, business or anticipates savings, nor liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including the following, not limited to damages or data destruction or other information; as established in the following cases:
a) Any fault to provide the streaming service due to legislative or regulatory restrictions.
b) Any fault as a result of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure not attributable to SSI-Monaco, by mentioning them including but nor limited way, technical fault, thunderstorms, floods, exceptionally severe climate, fire or explosion, civil disobedience, war, military operations, industrial, any type of industrial dispute (including those that involve our employees, natural or local emergencies of other suppliers of fixed lines or mobile phones or streaming service or the fault in any of your networks or devices, any act that involves the government or another competent authority.

6. The user will have to authorize and provide SSI-Monaco with personal information in order to access a correct streaming service from SSI-Monaco. The treatment of the information mentioned above will be subject to the dispositions established in our integral privacy notice. See SSI-Monaco Privacy Notice in https://superyacht.tv/en/privacy-policy

7. SSI-Monaco will respect scrupulously personal information and confidentiality given by the user, through the compliance of Notice of Privacy and the actual applicable regulation, used in that way that SSI-Monaco will not provide the confidential information to a third-party, unless it would be required to allow the streaming service solicited by the user. When using the streaming service, the user gives his acceptance to transfer the above mentioned datas, under the applicable law.

8. Some streaming service available to the user through the links might required codes, the date of birth or other identification datas from the streaming service provider side in order to check user identity, such information is independant from SSI-Monaco delivery to get the streaming service and it will be the user responsibility to accept and deliver such personal information to the streaming service provider. Furthermore, conditions will be subject to the provider Privacy Notice in question.

9. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and given the nature of the streaming service, SSI-Monaco does not guarantee that any use of the streaming service is free of risk, so SSI-Monaco shall have no liability whatsoever, including damages, or any other which could be caused by the misuse of third parties of the information generated, received, transmitted, or filed in the streaming service.

10. SSI-Monaco will ensure that the streaming service provided is correct, however, the user accepts and acknowledges that in the streaming service there may be errors or unintentional inaccuracies. SSI-Monaco shall not be liable for errors or omissions of third parties, nor does it undertake to immediately update the information contained in its digital publications.

11. SSI-Monaco may at any time deny, interrupt, suspend, modify or terminate access to the user of the streaming service, either temporarily or permanently, at the sole discretion of SSI-Monaco, without prior notice, without limitation, and without any liability to SSI-Monaco.

12. For the user convenience, text messages may provide links to other websites of third parties whose content or information is not reviewed by SSI-Monaco. Unless expressly stated otherwise, any page or websites linked to the streaming service is independent from SSI-Monaco. Therefore, SSI-Monaco has no control over such products, services, materials or any other information contained or available through the pages or websites of such third parties, nor shall it be understood that SSI-Monaco recommends those third-party products or services that have a link to our pages. Access to any page or website linked to SSI-Monaco pages and the delivery of personal information is the user responsibility.

13. The user agrees to take responsibility from SSI-Monaco for any liability, cost or expenses that may be imputed for the user’s misuse of the content services for any prohibited or illegal purpose, any rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, copyright, industrial property, or any applicable federal, state, or local law, regulation or code. Such obligations will continue even after termination of these conditions.

14. SSI-Monaco excludes any civil, criminal or administrative liability, for direct or indirect damages, or any other caused or derived from:

a) The presence of viruses or other harmful elements in the streaming service provided through SSI-Monaco messages or by third parties that have a link that can cause alterations in the computer system or electronic documents of the user.
b) Errors or omissions contained in the messages, or use of the information contained therein. Any decision based on the information contained in the streaming service will be the responsibility of the user.
c) The use or inability of using the streaming service or any parts of it, or its links, including any loss of programs or information.
d) The use and information available on any link to SSI-Monaco streaming service
e) The access to the links or the use of information or applications contained in it that generate damages in the user software or hardware.
f) Third party misuse of the information generated, received, transmitted, or archived in the streaming service.
g) The lack of availability or continuity of the streaming service operation, the lack of utility the users may have attributed to the streaming service.

15. In case the user wishes to file a complaint, he/she must do it by means of an email indicated below: contact@superyacht.tv

16. This agreement will be governed in all its points by the law in force in Monaco. Any controversy derived from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance will be subject to the applicable laws and to the competent Courts. For the interpretation, fulfillment and execution of the present, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts of Monaco and the competent Courts of France, renouncing consequently any jurisdiction that by reason of their present or future domicile could correspond to them.
The user declares to have read and accept all the present conditions in force at the moment of accessing the contents page and/or using the streaming service.
In case that the user does not agree with the provisions of this conditions, user must refrain from using the streaming service and carry out operations through the pages.



SSI-Monaco promotes SUPERYACHT TV service. The use of the SUPERYACHT TV service implies the full knowledge and acceptance of these conditions, as well as the decisions that according to law adopt the service provider on any question not foreseen in the same.

The service provider shall have the right to define, establish and interpret those situations or circumstances that are not expressly provided in these conditions, without affecting the essence of the SUPERYACHT TV service. The aforementioned decisions will be unappealable and in respect of which the participants will not be entitled to any claim, clarifying that any modification will be adjusted to the current Monaco and France legislation.

Cookies & Online advertising

The user declares to be aware that SUPERYACHT TV website contains cookies. SSI-Monaco uses cookies and other technologies (such as web tags) in order to provide the user easier access to our services and to be able to remember him after each connection.

Cookies and other technologies also enable us to provide and analyze the service we provide, to know our users more specifically, to better understand their interests, as well as to target our advertisements and our advertising campaigns. This privacy statement intends to inform you about the use we make of these technologies.

1. Definitions

Cookies are information dropped off on the user’s hard disk by the servers of the website. They are used by the website’s servers to send information to a user’s browser as well as to receive some. This information may or may not be stored by the browser, depending on the browser type, version, configuration, etc.

2. Applications

We are likely to use different types of cookies.
a) Technical cookies: these cookies are essential for operating our website, they allow us to authenticate our users and to identify them when they are connected to our website and applications, in order to provide our service. These cookies also enable us to enforce our Terms of Use, to prevent fraud and to ensure the security of our service.
b) Audience cookies: these cookies allow to collect information on how users use SUPERYACHT TV service (counting the number of users browsing the website, the most popular pages, the reading habits, etc.) in order to improve and personalize our website. Deleting these types of cookies would limit the functionality of our service.
c) Advertising cookies: these cookies use information about a user’s visit on our website and other websites, such as viewed pages, use of the service, interaction with advertisements. They allow us to offer you more relevant advertisements.

3. Cookie preferences

Cookie preferences: The navigator could inform the user about the cookies presence and the possibility to refuse them. Most browsers are configured by default and accept the installation of cookies.
However, the user can always disable the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate parameters of his navigator. By refusing to use cookies, some features or pages will no longer be accessible.



These conditions may be modified without prior notice by the service provider and/or SSI-Monaco and published through the means provided in this document.

The service provider and/or SSI-Monaco may permanently or temporarily suspend the service, as well as to introduce any modifications that they deem appropriate regarding the conditions and characteristics thereof, without generating any rights or claims to the users.