Nautor’s Swan Dream Catcher

The Swan 88 is the first model fully developed from the outset to offer a hybrid electric propulsion option in partnership with Torqeedo and sees continuation of the cooperation of German Frers for Naval Architecture, Misa Poggi for Interior Design and Lucio Micheletti, Micheletti + Partners, for the exterior styling. The Swan 88 is designed to present a super-smart opportunity for Owners to reduce running costs by chartering. This performance maxi design cleverly satisfies the critical 24 metre load line length rule for compliance to the light MCA charter regulations. Nautor Swan’s decision to develop this vessel stems from the aim to offer a true performance superyacht based on an efficient platform, minimizing management costs and simplifying the charter certification process.


hybrid electric propulsion, Lucio Micheletti, Swan 88, Torqeedo
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