Grand Soleil Yachts Blue

The Grand Soleil BLUE, the Grand Soleil 33 feet Daysailer Zero Impact project is a 10 meter sailing boat, a true jewel born from the belief that the initial stride towards sustainability is grounded in quality, ensuring the longevity of the product. An embodiment of creative collaboration between nautical experts such as Matteo Polli (Naval Architecture) and Nauta Design (Exterior Design, Interior Design and G.A.) and pioneers in sustainable materials like NL Comp, this yacht represents a new chapter in the history of boating where sustainability, efficiency and design come together to create a “bluer” future at sea. This principle has been the guiding force shaping every facet of the design process. The outcome is a remarkably innovative and stylish weekender, capable of hosting up to four guests overnight, boasting both zero environmental impact during sailing and complete recyclability at the culmination of its life cycle.


10meter, Daysailer Zero Impact, Grand Soleil 33, Grand Soleil Yachts Blue, Sailing Boat
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