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Feadship M/Y Pure

Feadship M/Y Pure, concept design. Minimalist at first glance, the profile is decidedly sculptural with a remarkably strong character. The lines are drawn as simple as possible in order to generate an air of calm. They merge seamlessly with the volumes – which make the yacht instantly recognisable from afar – and some highly finessed twisted surfaces. The essence of Pure is the unparalleled visual and social connections offered by her open on-board architecture and three-deck atrium, a feat which is very challenging to achieve on a yacht. From structural integrity to fire & safety regulations, all the parameters involved have been meticulously calculated. As futuristic as it may look in the renderings, the Feadship yards could actually start building Pure tomorrow. In modern yachtbuilding parlance, the term ‘hybrid propulsion’ usually refers to a combination of diesel direct and diesel-electric propulsion. Pure, on the other hand, is an energy hybrid, with diesel-electric propulsion receiving energy from batteries and liquid fuel. Three scenarios are envisaged for a Pure-like Feadship: the initial delivery in 2024 and two upgrades in 2027 and 2030 respectively..