The first luxury TV channel dedicated to Superyachts

A superyacht, whether chartered or owned, represents a gateway to a very special lifestyle. Superyacht TV showcases not only the stunning yachts themselves but also the stories behind them, taking viewers on a visual journey, both onboard and onshore, to see the destinations, to meet the people, to share the fun and to experience the life. Superyacht TV is a luxury TV channel dedicated to superyachts & and life onboard. We feature all of the stories behind the yachts through six categories of programming : yachts for sale and charter, places to go, life onboard, events, tenders & toys and the creators, as well as the owners, designers and builders of these spectacular vessels.

Produced in Monaco and distributed by MonacoSat, Monaco Telecom and Yahlive.

Superyacht TV is a live and free-to-view channel, reaching a truly global audience, produced in Monaco and distributed by MonacoSat. The Principality of Monaco takes great pride in being known as the "Capital of Yachting” and in order to reinforce this unique position, 2017 will see the launch of Superyacht TV. Superyacht TV is based in the Principality of Monaco and has representatives stretching right across the French and Italian Riviera from San Remo to St Tropez as well as Production offices in Sophia Antipolis, Nice and London.

High quality channel & Online, satellite and box distribution

We have an unwavering commitment to all stakeholders based on 3 simple principles: a global reach, exceptional content and a highly targeted online audience. MonacoSat distributes Superyacht TV directly to over 1.7 Billion people. This will massively increase the awareness of "superyacht life" and share its positive aspects with a totally new global audience. High quality content is our lifeblood and will therefore represent the very DNA of Monaco. Premium quality programming is the only way to engage an audience and to keep them coming back time and time again. Online distribution via an App directs the relevant content to highly targeted potential UHNW buyers and charterers with pinpoint accuracy. We're investing in state of the art segmentation, targeting and marketing tools.

All stories behind the yachts

Superyacht TV is a channel dedicated to yachts & life onboard featuring all stories behind the yachts through six categories :
yachts for sale and charter, places to go, life onboard, events, tenders & toys and the creators.

The Yachts

Yachts for sale and charter, new deliveries and vessels of special or historic interest.

Places to go

Countries, islands, coastlines, towns, ports & marinas, real estate, yacht clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels and beach clubs.

Life onboard

The superyacht lifestyle such as the onboard cuisine, wine, fashion, watches, accesories, art, fitness and wellbeing.

Yacht Events

Regattas, boat shows, the America's Cup, parties, owner rendezvous, awards ceremonies and launch ceremonies.

Tenders & Toys

Chase boats, fishing boats, limousine tenders, sports boats, toys, wave runners, jetskis, subs, helicopters and private jets.

The Creators

Yacht design, interior design, shipyards, craftsmen, new technology, innovation, sustainability and marine conservation.

We are supported by key industry organisations

Superyacht TV has been developed in collaboration with various key industry bodies. Following a period of consultation, these organisations have given the initiative of their full support.

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